Livestock Sale

Sale Description

Weekly Livestock Auction held every Wednesday.
Flea & Farmers Market open at 7:00 AM
Hay Sale: 9:30 AM
Livestock Sale 10:00 AM

Order of Sale: Back to Farm Calves, Dairy, Feeders, Pigs, Sheep, Hogs, Bulls, Fat Cattle, Cull Cows. Goats sell in Ring2 immediately following Hogs.

Unloading Livestock Tuesday evenings till 8:00 PM and open again for unloading Wednesday morning @ 7:00 AM.

In separate rings:
Produce & Egg Sale: 10:00 AM
Poultry & Rabbit Sale (held on the West side of the grounds in the White Hoop Building): 1:00 PM

Auctioneers: Dave Kaufman, Jake Schlabach, Jr Miller, Atlee Shetler, Walter Zimmerman, David Miller, Arlen Yoder, Aden Yoder and Vernon Yoder

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Certified Organic Heifers:  17 Crossbred Heifers – open and short bred – Delbert Yoder


Sale held in conjunction of Regular Wednesday Livestock Sale

Dairy will begin at 10:00 AM followed by back to farm calves.

9:30 AM – Hay Sale     1:00 PM – Poultry Sale

Auctioneers:  Jake Schlabach, David Miller, Arlen Yoder, Vernon Yoder & Atlee Shetler

For more information call Steve or Thurman Mullet at 330-674-6188

Upcoming Sales

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19 June 2019 (All day)
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26 June 2019 (All day)
26 June 2019 - 10:00am
28 June 2019 - 10:00am