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The Mt. Hope Auction hosts a variety of different sales throughout the year. Its livestock, hay and produce sales take place on a weekly basis, selling a range of livestock, hay, straw, ear corn, and firewood. The auction also holds several periodic sales, including the Mid Ohio Draft Horse & Carriage Sale, Machinery Sale and the Mid-Ohio Alternative Bird and Animal sale.  Each of these sales are held three times a year.

The Auction stays busy with Special Dairy Sales, Back to Farm Stock Cow and Feeder Calf Sales, as well as it's Friesian//Friesian Cross Sale held on the 1st Saturday of May and the Memorial Trotting Sale held on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Also owned by the Mt Hope Auction is the the Farmers Produce Auction, 1 mile west of Mt Hope. Sales begin in February and run into November providing fresh produce, flowers, and fall decoration items straight from the farm.

To keep up with our varying sale dates and the types of items that are on the block in the next couple of months, we invite you to check back with this website for the most recent information. Also, in January 2017, we opened a 40,500 square ft Event Center and in August of 2017 we added 20,000 more square ft that hosts a variety of shows throughout the year..  For any additional information, feel free to visit the contact page to get in touch with us directly.

Mid-Ohio Alternative Bird and Animal sale March 26-28 is POSTPONED, will try to reschedule later this year.  We hope to be able to make an announement on new date by April 10th.  

NOTICE: Special Easter Lamb & Goat Sale is canceled

Livestock & Hay Sale for April 8:

We wanted to provide an update to all of our Wednesday Customers.  The Livestock & Hay Sale for March 25 will proceed, but will do so with restrictions and certain requests from us.  As most are aware, we, as well as everyone else in the United States, are dealing with less than ideal circumstances. Please bear with us and abide by the restrictions and rules we have set forth. 

The Livestock and Hay Sale is on.  However, the Wednesday - Produce, Eggs & Misc Goods Auction (and anything else sold in this area) & Poultry Auctions are Cancelled until further notice. Also, all Flea Market activities are Cancelled until further notice. 

Hay Sale:  Will be held on the west side of the Mt Hope Event Center parking lot.  All consignors of hay will need to stay outside the Auction Buildings.  Though our Restrooms will be available, we ask that you do not proceed further into any of the buildings.  Those that must have their checks that day, we will be setting up a method of doing so, but we do not want anyone entering the Office area.  Otherwise, all checks will be sent out the next day.  We ask that all Hay Consignors park 12' apart and refrain from mingling or gathering during their time at the sale.  This rule is to ensure that we keep space for the buyers of livestock inside and do not fill an office with people waiting on checks.  Hay Buyers will have the same restrictions.  We will have further instructions on the day of the sale. 

Livestock Consignors:  We ask that you drop off your animals and proceed off the property (believe us, we hate to have this rule in effect, but this is how it is for now).  We will process the checks that day, and if you need it, we will work out a way to get your check to you on the day of the sale, otherwise we will mail them out Thursday. 

Livestock Buyers:  We will restrict Auction Barn entry to Buyers only.  Normal Wednesday Livestock Auction Buyers and other perspective buyers of livestock will be permitted in the barn.   We ask that Buyers sit apart follow Social Spacing guidelines.  No public person for the purpose of watching the sale will be permitted.  Please respect this policy so that we can continue with our Auction. 

We ask that the public respect our requests of not coming to the sale at this time.  We want to be able to continue to provide a service of commerce between Livestock Buyers and the Farmers and Consignors who either want/need to sell livestock.  We at the auction understand this is a confusing time with constant changes, but we must comply with our Government and our Local Authorities. 

Please understand, we know this is less than ideal, but feel we can continue to serve under these current conditions.   If you as a seller can not abide by our requests, we kindly ask that you not attend the Auction at this time and wait until all restrictions and bans are lifted.  This is not a time for panic and stress.  We want to work with all of you at this time. We will get through this together. 




Upcoming Sales

8 April 2020 (All day)
15 April 2020 (All day)
16 April 2020 - 10:00am
21 April 2020 - 10:00am
22 April 2020 (All day)
23 April 2020 - 10:00am
25 April 2020 - 8:00am
27 April 2020 - 5:00pm
28 April 2020 - 10:00am
29 April 2020 (All day)