Summer Carriage & Draft Horse Sale - 9 June 2022 - 9:00am

The Summer Carriage and Draft Horse Sale is held on the Thursday and Friday before the Regular Horse Sale in June. This sale includes, Tack, Collars, Harnesses, Horse Drawn Equipment, Carriages, Draft Horses, Riding Horses, and Ponies. To consign horses for this sale, send $25.00 consignment fee per horse and the horses information. 6% minimum $60.00. Horses are reserved on a first come basis and placed in a flyer until the flyer is full. Auctioneers: Atlee Shetler, David Miller, Arlen Yoder, Orus Mast, Jr Miller, Vernon Yoder, Joseph Miller, Elmer Yoder, Aden Yoder, Myron Miller, Owen Yoder, Matt Raber, Merv Lehman & Leon Coblentz.

June 9 - Thursday

Sale Schedule:

Tack:  9:00 AM   

Harness: 10:00 AM

Box Wagons: 11:00 AM 

Field Equipment: 11:00 AM

Carriages: 12:00 Noon

Ponies: 3:00 PM 

Vendors will be open in the Event Center Thursday & Friday

June 10 - Friday – Starting @ 8:00 AM

Draft Horses & Haflingers followed by Crossbred & Riding Horses

Auctioneers:  Atlee Shetler & David Miller

Pedigrees:  Lonnie Schlabach & Stephen Yoder

Unloading Field Equipment on Wednesday  from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM and and again on Thursday morning.  Tack & Carriages can be unloaded on Wednesday @ 9:00 AM and Thursday morning.  Hitching horses Thursday afternoon and Friday.  Stalls available for horses after 8:00 AM Thursday



Regular Horse Sale - Saturday, June 11– 7:30 AM

Deadline for Local Standardbreds to be put on dealer list is 12:00 noon, Friday June 10th , Horses need to be without blemish to be on the list.  Call in your info to the office (contact Daniel Coblentz -330-231-8198 if you need your horse driven morning of sale)                                                      

For more info call us at the Mt Hope Auction at 330-674-6188.            

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