Summer Carriage & Draft Horse Sale - 6 June 2019 - 10:00am

The Summer Carriage and Draft Horse Sale is held on the Thursday and Friday before the Regular Horse Sale in June. This sale includes, Tack, Collars, Harnesses, Horse Drawn Equipment, Carriages, Draft Horses, Riding Horses, and Ponies. To consign horses for this sale, send $25.00 per horse to reserve a number. The $25.00 is placed towards commission, 6% minimum $60.00. Deadline for horses is May 14, 2019. Horses are reserved on a first come basis and placed in a flyer. Auctioneers: Atlee Shetler, David Miller, Arlen Yoder, Orus Mast, Jr Miller, Vernon Yoder, Joseph Miller, Elmer Yoder, Aden Yoder, Myron Miller, Owen Yoder, Matt Raber, Merv Lehman & Leon Coblentz.

Thursday, June 6 Schedule:

Tack: 10:00 AM

Antiques:  10:00 AM

Saddles:  11:00 AM

Harnesses: 12:00 Noon

Box Wagons: 1:00 PM

Field Equipment 2:00 PM

Carriages: 2:00 PM

Cataloged Ponies: 4:00 PM


Unloading tackin the Event Center & equipment on Wednesday afternoon after 1:00 PM and Thursday morning starting at 7:00 AM.


Friday, June 7

8:00 AM: Haflingers, Belgians, Percherons & Spotted Drafts followed by Crossbreds and Riding Horses


Deadline for consignments is May 14th for the flyer or until Full.

There is a $25.00 consignment fee for all Ponies & Horses in the flyer.  Consignment fee is applied towards commission. Horses are sold in the order consignments are received.  Consignments for Friday will be limited to 1st 450 head.


Hitching of horses Thursday afternoon and evening. Also Friday morning.

Download Sale Catalog Below:

Also: Early Trailers & Carriages Consigned below:


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