Produce Equipment Auction - 19 February 2022 - 8:00am

The Produce Equipment Auction is held once a year on the 3rd Saturday of February. Items include all produce related items from equipment to greenhouse supplies to tools used on the produce farm. Several wagon loads of small items will be auctioned off followed by the Produce equipment. Auctioneers: Orus Mast & Arlen Yoder

Sale held at the Farmers Produce Auction


Selling transplanters, plastic layers and other equipment for the produce grower. Also, greenhouses & 2 wagon loads of produce supplies from Yoder’s Produce. We will be selling inside off 2 wagons of produce supplies until 10:00 AM. Large Produce equipment and other items will begin at 10:00 AM

Early Consignments: 24” washer unit with in feed and round table, E-Z Trail transplanter, White Horse 1 bottom plow with rope & pulley system, Pet Pete plastic lifter, Marlo PTO driven irrigation pump; 3”, 800 ‘ pipe, left hand soil master riding plow, 3 food grade 350 gal totes, potato digger, potato plow, 20 ft. germinating table w/kero hot water heater, E-SEE Clean washer, Ultimate plastic layer w/ fertilizer unit, Mechanical transplanter model 6000 2 row 3pt with drip tape attachment like new, Holland 1265 mulch transplanter with water attachment, Mechanical transplanter model 900 mulch planter, Pennscreek pull type 300 gal single boom high pressure sprayer, 3pt air blast sprayer like new, IH ground drive corn binder, Mechanical transplanter 3pt 1 row with water attachment, 3pt 4 row single bed onion bulb planter, 3pt 4 row onion and garlic bulb planter, Fertilizer side dresser box attachments, Pull type people hauler cushion seats under storage for picking trays, 3pt single bed sprayer, 3pt 1 row cultivator, John Deere ground drive 1 row potato digger with rear cleaning chain and front cart nice, Potato seed cutter, Single boom produce sprayer no pump, Metal rolling conveyors, 2 older solo backpack sprayers, 3pt 1 or 2 row multivator with fertilizer attachment, Bin dumper, Gorman Rupp pump with pull start engine on cart, Tomato sizer line with round table, 3pt under cutter, 1 row bed leveler, Planet Jr self-propelled walking cultivators, Wood apple crates, Wood bins, Plastic picking totes, Will Sie bunch washer, Todd Co plastic lifter-like new, Nolt 509 plastic layer, plastic foldable produce crates, used bins

 Unloading Monday-Friday 8:00 AM -5:00 PM. Wednesday unloading after 12:00 Noon.

Call or fax us if you want your consignments advertised.  For more information contact:

Jim Mullet – 330-763-0533 or Thurman Mullet @ Ph. 330-674-6188 Sale Day Ph. 330-674-7661

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