Ohio Crippled Children's Fund Auction - 28 August 2020 - 6:30am

The Ohio Crippled Children's Fund Auction is a auction to benefit children with medical problems. Held in the Mt Hope Event Center, the auction features furniture, horses, buggies, and approximately 100 locally made quilts that will be auctioned off at the sale. Other sale items will include crafts, collectibles, lawn furniture and much more including a silent auction on various items. The Ohio Crippled Children's Fund Auction is one of the area's leading auctions for the number and quality of large quilts offered at an auction in one day. Come see for yourself! Set up as a Nonprofit 501C3 Organization these funds go directly to benefit children with medical problems. For more information on the fund and benefit auction call: 330-893-1324

Breakfast  @ 6:30 AM - 9:00 PM


9:00 AM - Small Items - Crafts and Collectibles

10:00 AM - Quilts, Wall Hangings, and Select Furniture Items

11:30 AM - 40x64 Building, Large Furniture (for info on building, call 330-231-3701)


2nd Location:

9:30 AM - Small Items - Crafts and Collectibles, Large Furniture Items in catalog order


3rd Location:

10:00 AM - Wagon Load of Small Items, tools, etc


4th Location:

10:30 AM - Row of Lawn Furniture, Buildings, Windmills, etc

12:00 PM - Driving Horses, Buggies, Carts, Harnesses (driving horses are the only consignment at this auction)


1:00 PM - Silent Auction ends

Auctioneers:  Bob Graber, Steve Andrews, Seth Andrews, Steve Chupp, Nelson Weaver, David Miller, Wayne Miller, LeeRoy Miller, Atlee Raber, Eli Troyer, Danny Troyer, Aden Yoder, James Mast, Dennis Hershberger, James Yoder, Ray Yoder

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