Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale - 25 March 2023 - 8:00am

The Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale is held 3 times a year. Animals range anywhere from domestic to exotic with over 200 different species being offered for sale. The auction is governed by USDA officials and all animals and birds must meet requirements in compliance with the Ohio Wildlife Laws and the Dept of Animal Industry of Ohio. All out of state animals must have an entry permit and Health Certificates. This information can be obtained from your local veterinarian or the Dept of Animal Industry in Ohio 614-728-6220. Auctioneers: David Miller, Jr Miller, Joseph Miller, Nelson Weaver, Elmer Yoder, Arlen Yoder, Atlee Shetler, Aden Yoder, Myron Miller, Orus Mast, Daniel Schrock, Leon Coblentz and Pat Kaufman. For a flyer to this auction call the Auction office @330-674-6188 or see below to download flyer if available.

8:00 AM – Exotic cattle, Buffalo, Camels, Zebras, African stock, Elk, Deer.

Ring 2:  9:00 AM – Potbelly pigs –  11:00 AM – Llamas & Alpacas, Emu, Rheas & Ostriches followed by Miniature Donkeys & Horses. 

Dean Beachy Arena:  9:00 AM – Tack Sale  

Please note, times may change day of sale.  Please check with office for changes.

Early Consignments:

15-16 month old Male Giraffe - will be sold in the ring, but giraffe will be offsite.  Giraffe is Ranch raised.  All prospective Buyers must register with our office to bid on this animal (Please email thurman@mthopeauction.com).   When bidding is complete, the Mt Hope Auction and the Seller will have the right to approve the winning Buyer before the transaction is final.  If approved, the winning Buyer will pay 1/2 the winning bid price on day of the sale to the Mt Hope Auction.  The remainder of balance will be paid to the seller when the Giraffe comes into their possession.  ACH or Cashiers check will be accepted for final payment. Buyer will have till May 1st  to take possession and make final payment to the Seller.  Delivery options are available as well at buyers expense. Note:  Seller will be responsible for the Giraffe until the day Giraffe leaves farm.  Buyer assumes all risk the moment the Giraffe begins transport.  - Sells at 12:00 Noon.

- 16 yr Male Drom. Camel

- 1 yr Male Drom. Camel

- 1 month old Male Drom Camel "Blue" Solid white - photo below

-  2 - 2 week old Male Drom. Camels - on bottle

- 8 month old Grant Zebra Male

- 2.1 - 10 month Grant Zebras

- 3 Grant Zebra Females - 4 yr olds

- 8 yr Zedonk Gelding

- 2 - 12 yr Female Zedonks

- 1 month old Mini Zedonk - bottle raised

- 1 yr old Male Eland

- 1.1.0 - 2 yr Eland

- 6.5. Nilgia

- 2.3 Adult Black Buck

- 1 yr Sitatanga Male

- 3 Adult Male Audad

- 5.3 Yearling Audad

- 2 Adult Oryx Male

1 yr Male Oryx

- 150 Hd Cattle - Scottish, Watusi, Zebu, etc

- 1.1  Adult Bison - 3 yr olds, Cow exposed

- 3.1 Yearling Bison

- 9 yr old Beefalo Female

- 4.1 Water Buffalo - 4 month babies

- 20 hd Llama

- 40 hd Alpaca

- 30 Donkeys

- 10 Ponies

- Adult Male Ostrich & Yearling Male

- 2.2 Emu proven breeders

- 25 rheas

- Adult Fallow Does - all bred

- 2 - 4 yr old Fallow Buck

- 0.15.15 Fallow Deer

- Two red Scottish Highland 4-year-olds bred 8 months,  one white 3-year-old bred 8 months. All by registered white bull confirmed by vet, dehorned for 4-H.  Also, from same herd, two open year and a half old heifers (photos below)

- 8 month old minature highlander miniature herford  bull calf.   He's very friendly and on grain. (photo below)

- Two blue eyed ivory Jennys will be sold together , they are bonded since birth:  both have been wonderful mothers.  They are from merry go round the original creator of the gene.  They are possibly bred.  Both have been running with spotted jack. (photo below)
- 3 yr Jack ( photo below)

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