Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale - 15 September 2018 - 8:00am

The Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale is held 3 times a year. Animals range anywhere from domestic to exotic with over 200 different species being offered for sale. The auction is governed by USDA officials and all animals and birds must meet requirements in compliance with the Ohio Wildlife Laws and the Dept of Animal Industry of Ohio. All out of state animals must have an entry permit and Health Certificates. This information can be obtained from your local veterinarian or the Dept of Animal Industry in Ohio 614-728-6220. Auctioneers: Dean Beachy, Joseph Mast, Jr Miller, Joseph Miller, Nelson Weaver, Elmer Yoder, Arlen Yoder, Atlee Shetler, Aden Yoder, Walter Zimmerman, John D Yoder, Myron Miller, Orus Mast, Daniel Schrock, and Ryan Yoder. For a flyer to this auction call the Auction office @330-674-6188 or see below to download flyer if available.

Main Ring:  8:00 AM - Exotic cattle, Buffalo, Camels, Zebras, African stock, Elk, Deer, Minature Horse & Donkeys.

Ring 2: 9:00 AM - Potbelly Pigs

New Sale Arena: Taxidermy Sale - 9:00 AM

(call in to reserve numbers for mounts or contact Jr Miller @ 330-231-1914 for more information.)

10:00 AM - Tack off wagons

Ring 2: 11:00 AM - Llamas & Alpacas, Emu, Ostriches

Early Consignments:

5 month Appaloosa Mini Mule - Sired by 33" Blue Eyed Ivory Jack - Dam is 27" Grulla Appy Mare (photo below)

6 yr Male Ostrich

3 Ostrich

6 Rhea

8 yr Mini Jenny with 7 week old female at side

2 Female Grant Zebras - coming 2 yr olds

1 Female Grant Zebra

2 Sem Oryx Male

2 Yearling Drom. Camel - Male

1 Yearling Female Dromedary Camel

1 Male Wallaroo

2 Male Bactrian Camels

2.5.1 Elk

4 Peccary Males

1 Sem Oryx Male - white bearded

4 Black Buck Male

3  Axis Rack Buks

2 Female Axis

1 Bull Elk

1 White Elk Cow

9 yr Drom. Gelding

2 Male Audad

1 Male Nilgai

1 White Tailed Male Gnu

1 Male Tahr Goat

4.2.3 Bison

1 Female Beefalo

1 Male Water Buffalo

18 Scottish Highland Cross

4 Watusi

25 Watusi Cross

20 Texas Longhorn and Longhorn Cross

10 Zebu

4 Brahmas

12 Dexters

1 Steer Coriente

7 Emu

8 Fallow Does

8 Fallow Rack Bucks

30 Fallow Buck Fawns

3 Axis Rack Buck

2 Sika Bucks

Pair of Milking Shorthorn Steers - both born in 2007, very nice pair of oxen, tame, will pull a wheeled ox cart or lightly loaded stone boat  (photo below)





Sale flyer & Early Consignments available below:

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appaloosa Mini mare.jpg2.82 MB
appaloosa mini mare 2.jpg5.63 MB
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