Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale - 16 September 2011 - 8:00am

The Mid Ohio Alternative Animal and Bird Sale is held 3 times a year. Animals range anywhere from domestic to exotic with over 200 different species being offered for sale. The auction is governed by USDA officials and all animals and birds must meet requirements in compliance with the Ohio Wildlife Laws and the Dept of Animal Industry of Ohio. All out of state animals must have an entry permit and Health Certificates. This information can be obtained from your local veterinarian or the Dept of Animal Industry in Ohio 614-728-6220. Auctioneers: David Miller, Jr Miller, Joseph Miller, Nelson Weaver, Elmer Yoder, Arlen Yoder, Atlee Shetler, Aden Yoder, Walter Zimmerman, Myron Miller, Orus Mast, Daniel Schrock, Leon Coblentz and Pat Kaufman. For a flyer to this auction call the Auction office @330-674-6188 or see below to download flyer if available.

Sale begins at 8:00 AM - Main Ring:  Selling remaining Peafowl and waterfowl.
9:00 AM - Switiching back and forth from the Warm Room (Pet Shop Animals, primates, etc) and Exotic Birds (Canaries, parakeets, finches, parrots, mccaws, etc)
1:00 PM - Bottle baby session.
Notice:  We will not be permitting bears, tigers, cats of any kind to be sold.  A USDA licence will be required when purchasing certain primates (Baboons, Chimpanzees, Gorrillas, and Orangutans) 
9:00 AM - Ring 3 - Domestic Animals ( Rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, pigeons, doves, etc)
9:30 AM Ring 2 - Sheep and Goats
10:00 AM - Outside Ring - Empty Cages, misc
3:00 PM - Selling outside reptile room - Reptiles, mice, rats, degus.
6:00 PM - Main Ring - Swan Sale followed by Kanagaroos
Early Consignments:
Umbrella Cockatoo pair. Very gentle male and super sweet female. Breed seasonally, pull eggs for incubation. (both birds still my personal pets)
Sulfer Crested pair. (Greater male, Lesser female) Raised together as pets and inseperable. Bred for the first time this year. Clear eggs. Will not split up.
Moluccan Cockatoos: 10 year old sexed, egg laying female. Tame, talks, perfect feather. 18 year old, female #2. Tame, talks, egg layer, perfect bird and super sweet! 5 year old male. (This is the sweetest bird you will ever meet!) Awesome talker, sound effects you name it, he can say it, or make it sound real.
Greenwing Macaw pair. Big birds with lots of character. First season, two clear and one fertile. Incubated and fed.
Scarlet Macaw and Ruby Macaw (Scarlet X Greenwing Hybrid) pair. Produce a very unique Scarlet Macaw looking baby, with some size to them. Third year producing.
Military Macaw pair #2. Proven, incubate feed. 1-2 clutches of 2-4 eggs, will incubate and feed.
Blue and Gold pair. Both very tame when not breeding. Second season producing. Incubate and feed.
Two Blue Front Amazon pairs. Typical Amazon breeders. Very mean, but good parents. Very talkative.
Double Yellow Head Extreme Magna pair. Incubate and feed. Somewhat easy going pair compared to other Amazons.
Double Yellow Head Amazon pair. (Normal) Typical Amazon breeders. Mean, but great parents. Very, very  talkative.
Goffin Cockatoo male. Not tame. Perfect feather, would really like a nice breeder situation.
Lilac Crown Amazon pair. Very quiet and friendly. Very proven 1-2 times a year, 4-5 eggs, always fertile. Excellent parents. Will foster any other Amazon babies.
Redsided Eclectus female. An absolutely stunning bird! Semi-tame. Would make a great mother/breeder.
Rose Breasted Cockatoo. 1 ½ years old. Super duper tame and talks! 100% pet quality. (DNA female)
20 Flying Squirrels
 3 pairs - Four Eyed Opossums
3 bottle fed Virginia Opossum,
2 juvenile sloth
pair prehensile tail prcupine
2 proven pair of Kinkajous (one definitely pregnant now)
box turtle
goliath bird eating tarantula
7 baby Quaker Parrots (hand fed)
Hyacinth Macaw, Amazons, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures, etc.
Admission - $5.00 
Download Sale Flyer below:
Also, for a market report from the Spring 2011 Sale, download below.

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