Livestock & Hay Sale - 15 July 2020 (All day)

Weekly Livestock Auction held every Wednesday.
Flea & Farmers Market open at 7:00 AM
Hay Sale: 9:30 AM
Livestock Sale 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - Goats sell in Building B (Goat Ring) 10:30 AM in Main Ring: Back to Farm Calves, Dairy, Feeders, Pigs, Sheep, Hogs, Bulls, Fat Cattle, Cull Cows. Unloading Livestock Tuesday evenings till 8:00 PM and open again for unloading Wednesday morning @ 7:00 AM. DUE TO THE NEW USDA REGULATIONS, GOAT AND SHEEP CONSIGNMENTS SHOULD HAVE SCRAPIE IDENTIFICATION AND MUST PROVIDE THE FLOCK ID FOR THE FARM WHEN CONSIGNING SHEEP OR GOATS. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FLOCK ID YOU MAY REQUEST ONE BY CALLING 1-866-873-2824. We also have forms available for download under our Commissions Page.

In separate rings:
Produce & Egg Sale: 10:00 AM
Poultry & Rabbit Sale (held on the West side of the grounds in the White Hoop Building): 1:00 PM
Auctioneers: Dave Kaufman, Jake Schlabach, Jr Miller, Atlee Shetler, Walter Zimmerman, David Miller, Arlen Yoder, Aden Yoder and Vernon Yoder To receive the weekly Livestock & Hay Market Report by email, please email

Due to COVID-19 & Government Regulation:

Buyers: Only active buyers should attend the sale. No children and no spectators. This is not a time to bring friends and family, please come alone. Do not attend if you feel ill, have a cough, fever or respiratory issues. Order buying services are available for all of our sales, please call Thurman or Leroy at the office to set up those services.

Sellers: Deliver livestock at the unloading chutes and please exit the facility. Checks will be issued and mailed as normal. If you must have your check day of sale, please call the office for pick-up.


Livestock, Hay, Poultry & Rabbit Sale for July 15:

We wanted to provide an update to all our Wednesday Customers.  The Livestock & Hay Sale for July 15 will proceed but will do so with the same restrictions and requests from us.  As most are aware, we, as well as everyone else in the United States, are dealing with less than ideal circumstances. Please bear with us and abide by the restrictions and rules we have set forth. 

We are currently operating the Livestock & Hay Sale and the Poultry and Rabbit Sales.  Flea Markets are open.  However, the Wednesday – Produce, Eggs & Misc. Goods Auction (and anything else sold in this area) will continue to be closed. 

Hay Sale:  Will be held on the west side of the Mt Hope Event Center parking lot.  All consignors of hay will need to stay outside the Auction Buildings.  Though our Restrooms will be available, we ask that you do not proceed further into any of the buildings.  Consignors are asked to park 12’ apart and refrain from gathering or mingling.  We will have further instructions on the day of the sale. 

Livestock Consignors:  We ask that you drop off your animals and proceed off the property (believe us, we hate to have this rule in effect, but this is how it is for now).  We will process the checks that day, and if you need it, we will work out a way to get your check to you on the day of the sale, otherwise we will mail them out Thursday. 

Livestock Buyers:  We will restrict Auction Barn entry to Buyers only.  Normal Wednesday Livestock Auction Buyers and other perspective buyers of livestock will be permitted in the barn.   No public person for the purpose of watching the sale will be permitted.  Please respect this policy so that we can continue with our Auction. 

Poultry & Rabbit Buyers:  If possible, we ask that you wear a face covering in this Sale. We ask that Sellers drop off their consignments and leave, just as they do with Livestock.

We ask that the public respect our requests of not coming into the Sale Rings at this time.  If you as a seller cannot abide by our requests, we kindly ask that you refrain from sending Livestock in until all restrictions and bans are lifted. 

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