Horse Sale - 10 August 2019 - 7:30am

The Mt Hope Auction Horse Sale is held on the second Saturday of every Month. The sale consists of Belgians, Percherons, Haflinger, Spotted Drafts, Crossbreds, Standardbreds, Riding Horses and Ponies. On a average month, between 50-100 Drafts and 300-400 Standardbreds are sold followed by several Riding Horses & Ponies at the end. Auctioneers: Atlee Shetler & Arlen Yoder

Draft Horses begin at 7:30 AM followed by Never Done Farm Horses then Standardbreds.

Auctioneers:  Atlee Shetler & Arlen Yoder

Due to losing barn in a fire, the Bill Mullet family will be reducing their herd until they can rebuild.  Below is a list of horses to be sold after the Draft Horses, before the local dealer list horses. 

Never Done Farm – Bill Mullet Family Horse Consignments:  330-936-4086

Belgians:  2 Stallions:  Country Road Firestone & L-C Predictor, 2 yearling Predictor Filly’s with Firestone Dam, 2 yr Predictor Filly, Yearling Chip Filly, 2 Weanling Firestone Stud Colts and approximately 8 Belgian Mares bred for 2020. 

Standardbreds:  2 Stallions:  Hit With The Lady’s & NDF Mission Man, approximately 6 mares bred for 2020, 2 yr old Hit With The Lady’s Filly, Yearling Mission Man Stud Colt and 2 weanlings.

Friesians:  1 Stallion:  Ulyssis FC – proven Stallion.  Haley – pony, 2 Friesian Pony Cross Mares, Standardbred Friesian Weanling, Friesian Pony Cross Stallion and a Weanling Crossbred. 

A Complete List of these horses is attached below:


Note:  Deadline for Local Standardbreds to be put on dealer list is, Friday, August 9 @ 12:00 noon, call in your info to the office (contact Daniel Coblentz -330-231-8198 if you need your horse driven morning of sale). 


For more info call us at the Mt Hope Auction at 330-674-6188.

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