Dairy Sale - 27 September 2019 - 11:00am

Sale featuring Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss Dairy Cows, Heifers, and Bulls going back to the farm. Special Dairy sales are held throughout the year usually involving Herd Dispersals. Auctioneers: Dave Kaufman & Jake Schlabach.

Kruggel Dairy Herd Dispersal:

68 Reg. Holsteins Cows: rolling herd average 23,874 milk  4.0% BF,  3.1% P.  SCC 78, milked 3 times a day.  Calving interval 12.3 months.  John Kruggel started this farm in1894. Paul Kruggel started dairying in 1933. Artificial insemination use started in the 1940's.  They have been bred mostly with NOBA and GENEX bulls. It has been a closed herd since the late 1960's. 2 weeks before calving cows are in a separate pen. TMR is fed to milking cows and closeup cows. The cows have been on DHIA test since 1940's.  Vaccinations used to help keep a healthy herd: First Defense, Inforce-3, Brucellosis vac.,Scourgard 4KC, Triangle-5, Triangle-10, Endovac-dairy, Vira Shield 6+L5, magnet, Orbenin DC, teat pre and post dip, paper towles, and sand bedding.  Owner – Kruggel Farms Inc – Contact:  John Kruggel  330-242-2277


Additional Consignments: 

25 Reg. Holstein Cows – 65#, 3.9 BF, 3.1 P – free stall cows, milked in stanchion stalls – Robert Schlabach, Sugarcreek, OH

25 fresh cows & 5 heifers - Jersey & Jersey Cross. - Reuben Troyer, Baltic, OH


.  Flyers for herd ringside.

Consignments taken through sale time.

Auctioneers: Jake Schlabach

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